Rotary Drilling

Definition - What does Rotary Drilling mean?

Rotary Drilling is a drilling technique that uses sharp and rotational drill bits to create holes in the earth’s crust. Rotary Drilling is one of the fastest drilling methods. Oil and gas wells, natural gas extraction wells and water wells are drilled using this technique. Englishman Robert Beart invented the first rotary drill in 1845 and the technique has been in use since 1901. The size of rotary drillers can vary from small to huge.

Petropedia explains Rotary Drilling

Rotary Drilling is a technique that is able to create holes of small diameters. In the early 20th century, drilling was done using the cable drilling method in which few problems like oil fountain eruption were common. The oil fountain eruption was dangerous because it at the time resulted in fires and loss of valuable fuel. This problem was mitigated by Rotary Drilling which used different components in the drilling process such as: rotating equipment, circulation equipment, prime movers and hoisting equipment.

The following are few advantages of Rotary Drilling:

  • It is possible to drill through almost all rock formations.
  • It is a quick technique.
  • It can reach over 40 meters depth.
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