Rod Elevators

Definition - What does Rod Elevators mean?

Rod Elevators, also known as sucker rod elevators, are devices used in workover operations of a drilled well. They could be used either to service an oil well or perform maintenance operations. These elevators are light in weight and their main purpose is to retrieve the sucker rod string in the well.

Petropedia explains Rod Elevators

Rod Elevators are one of the equipment provided on the rig which helps in handling sucker rod strings in and out of an oil or gas well. These elevators are manufactured and designed as per API 8A specifications and can be comfortably used with any size of sucker rods in well repairing and maintenance tasks. The mouth openings of these Rod Elevators hold the sucker rods and can be adjusted to hold any diameter of the sucker rods by changing the body spacers provided in the Rod Elevators. This feature of Rod Elevators allows them to be used with any size of the sucker rods.

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