Radial Differential Temperature Log

Definition - What does Radial Differential Temperature Log mean?

Radial Differential Temperature Log is the record of the temperature difference between two opposite sides of internal walls of a wellbore casing. The purpose of this log is to detect or identify a channel in the cement casing created by fluids flowing through it. A channel is created because of the temperature difference between the fluids flowing through the well casing and its surroundings. The fluids may be cooler or warmer than the surroundings.

Petropedia explains Radial Differential Temperature Log

Radial Differential Temperature Log is created by placing two temperature probes in the well casing at the depths where it is suspected that the channel will be created. The temperature probe assembly is then rotated in 360 degrees along the internal walls of the casing. Any sinusoid in the graph/log indicates a channel in the casing.

Temperature logs are helpful in:

  • Finding the cement top after a recent cementing operation.
  • Finding a lost circulation zone in a currently drilling well.
  • Finding fluid entry and exit points in the production and injection wells.
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