Pulling Tool

Definition - What does Pulling Tool mean?

A Pulling Tool is a device which is used to pull out the components or other tools that are dropped into the wellbore for the maintenance of an oil or gas well. Pulling Tools as well as all other wireline components are designed in such a way that their top sides have ‘fishing necks’ so as to easily grab and pull up out items from the wellbore.

Petropedia explains Pulling Tool

The primary purpose of a Pulling Tool is to pull out other tools and components used for the inspection and maintenance of an oil or gas well. A Pulling Tool assembly consists of various modules which are screwed together by threads at each end. There is a driving wheel for each module which is connected to the pulling arm in such a way the wheel moves on the borehole wall by an electric activator. Electromotor powers the rotation of the driving wheels which takes the Pulling Tool up-down, and to and fro the borehole. The fishing necks on the Pulling Tool and components inside can be hooked up through the electro-mechanical device at the surface by driller and thus, the component is pulled out of wellbore.

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