Production Casing

Definition - What does Production Casing mean?

Production Casing refers to the casing that is run across the reservoir in sections through which the well will be drilling. It is one of the final intervals of the casing which is performed during the casing of a well. The Production Casing is the deepest section of casing in a well just above the hydrocarbon formations. It is used to isolate the zone which contains gas from other subsurface formations.

Petropedia explains Production Casing

When the production zones in a gas or oil reservoirs need to be isolated, the Production Casing is used. Whenever there is an event of tube leak, the pressure generated by hydrocarbon formations is withheld by the Production Casing. Some of the other reasons for which the Production Casing is installed are as follows:

  • To support the well casing when injection pressure is exerted from fracture jobs.
  • For gas lift and down casing operations.
  • To support the Injection of chemicals to increase the production rate.
  • To provide a conduit from the petroleum producing formation right up to the surface.
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