Producing Well

Definition - What does Producing Well mean?

A Producing Well is a well that produces oil, gas or water. It can either be categorized as oil or a gas well, as it can produce oil or natural gas or both. The wells that only produce natural gas are known as gas wells while those ones that produce hydrocarbons along with natural gas are known as oil wells.

Petropedia explains Producing Well

A Producing Well is a well which has produced oil or gas to an extent that the organization that developed it has reached a state of break even or making profits from selling oil or gas from the well. The well can produce both oil and natural gas or only oil or natural gas. Oil and gas producers and water injectors are few active wells that can be identified in a Producing Well site. Water injectors are used to maintain the reservoir pressure or to dispose the water. Gas injector wells and aquifer producers are also present at the same site and their work is to dispose gas and produce water for re-injection process. Producing structure and characteristic are to be determined for the producing wells.

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