Pressure Buildup

Definition - What does Pressure Buildup mean?

Pressure Buildup is a practice of building up pressure in oil or gas wells so that liquids can come out to the surface through the wellbore. When the well pressure starts decreasing from a producing well after a certain period of time, Pressure Buildup is performed by shutting down the wells and allowing the pressure to buildup. This method of building pressure is cost-effective as it does not use any EOR techniques.

Petropedia explains Pressure Buildup

In a producing well pressure can be buildup by performing Pressure Buildup tests. In order to perform such tests, the production rate needs to be stabilized for several days in the oil and gas wells that need to be tested for Pressure Buildup. Once the stabilization is reached, a pressure measuring device is placed near the perforations for several hours before shut-in of the well is done. This method helps in building up the pressure in the reservoir and formation properties can be estimated by understanding the rate of Pressure Buildup in the time for which well was shut-in.

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