Premium Thread

Definition - What does Premium Thread mean?

A Premium Thread is a high-performance thread used in modern gas and oil well completions. The thread can be found in numerous configurations and it is designed typically to offer improved tensile capacity, ease of makeup and superior hydraulic sealing. The drilling markets have experienced a growing demand for the premium thread connections with enhanced operational and technical properties that minimize the drilling problems by providing gas-tight seals and tolerate extreme temperatures and high pressures.

Petropedia explains Premium Thread

Premium Threads are the premium class thread connections that are composed of superior screwing properties. They can withstand bending and compression loads, high pressure and high temperatures as well. They are different from the conventional threads as the sealing areas in these thread connections are free from the thread profile. They also provide some redundancy as they are involved as two or three areas not beyond the tool joint. The Premium Thread connections describe largely the reliability of casing, drilling and on-site tubing pipes. They are independent of the sealing surface which guarantees more reliable gas and water proof properties.

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