Definition - What does Azimuth mean?

Azimuth is the direction of a wellbore measured in a horizontal plane in the clockwise direction from the north base line. In azimuth, north is assumed to be zero and 360 degrees, east is taken as 90 degrees, south as 180 degrees and west as 270 degrees. So an azimuth of 45 degree means the well direction is between north and east in the NE direction. Similarly, an azimuth of 30 degree means that the well direction is between north and east but in the N-N-E direction.

Petropedia explains Azimuth

The concept of azimuthal is generally used in the field of navigation, mining, field mapping, engineering, astronomy and artillery. Azimuthal represents the directions and belongs to spherical coordinate system. It is the angle formed between a reference direction (north) and a line from the observer to a point of interest projected on the same plane as the reference direction orthogonal to the zenith. The SI unit for measuring azimuth is degrees and the north direction is considered as a reference plane for an azimuth and is measured as a zero degree. On an azimuth scale, if we move in the clockwise direction (360 degrees), the east direction is considered as 90 degrees, south direction as 180 degrees and west direction as 270 degrees.

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