Pony Rod

Definition - What does Pony Rod mean?

Pony Rod is a long steel rod used for joining downhole components of a piston pump with the surface in an oil well. The rod is threaded from both sides and is commonly available in three variant diameters of 3/4, 7/8 and 1. Due to high tensile strength, the rod is efficiently designed to face diverse challenges such as high loads, corrosive environments hence it has full control over rod friction. Being manufactured in AISI 1530 Mod, it offers unparalleled performance even in deep oil wells.

Petropedia explains Pony Rod

A Pony Rod is a key constituent of the artificial lift system thus it undergoes variant heat treatments to maximize fatigue resistance. There are three main grades of rods that are specifically used in wells - Grade C, Grade K and Grade D. The rods are distinguished into grades in accordance to the tensile strength. For instance, Grade C has a maximum tensile strength of up to 115,000 psi whereas Grade K has maximum tensile strength of up to 140,000 psi. The Pony Rod is placed adjacent to the polished rod of the rod string for handling purposes and preventing the string from falling downhole. Old Pony Rods should not be used for load carrying part to avoid any mishappenings.

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