Pipe Rack

Definition - What does Pipe Rack mean?

A pipe Rack is a steel framed structure that is used to support and carry pipes inside a production plant. It is also used to transfer materials between equipment and storage facilities or utility areas. Pipe racks usually support the instruments, power cables as well as the mechanical equipment like pumps and valves etc., that are connected to the pipes.

Petropedia explains Pipe Rack

Pipes that carry fluids (liquid chemicals, steam, heating media/ oil, water etc.) are generally laid between two or multiple units in any petrochemical, power or chemical processing plants. It is not always feasible to lay them on ground but at an elevated structure in order to avoid any obstruction and enable easy accessibility for maintenance etc. The structure used to support pipes in the petro-chemical, chemical or power plants is called pipe rack. The utility as well as liquid chemicals carrying pipes are an essential part of any chemical plant and route from one unit to another. These pipes may be laid at ground as well as at elevated structures.

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