Definition - What does Pigging mean?

Pigging is the process of using "pigs" to conduct various maintenance operations such as inspecting and rectifying pipeline products. These "pigs" are intervention devices which are placed inside the pipeline. The devices look for internal defects, cracks and clean the slurry. The Pigging process is usually carried out without affecting or stopping the flow of the product in the pipeline.

Petropedia explains Pigging

Maintenance tools known as Pipeline Intervention Gadgets (PIG) are introduced into the pipeline with the help of Pig Launchers and Receivers so as to inspect the pipelines for defects. Since every pipeline is different in size, there is no set schedule of performing pigging; however, the quantity of slurry inside the pipeline decides when to perform the pigging. The following are the various types of pigging instruments used when carrying out the process:

  • Utility Pigs such as Cleaning Pigs, Foam Pigs, Geometry Pigs, Mandrel Pigs, etc.
  • Inline Inspection Pigs (Smart Pigs)
  • Specialty Pigs such as Gel Pigs
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