Definition - What does Perforation mean?

Perforation is a hole created in the liner or casing of an oil well to link the well with the hydrocarbon reservoir. The hole creates a channel that hydrocarbons can enter into the wellbore from the reservoir. Perforated guns, which are mostly electric guns are used for the making the Perforation in the well casing. The Perforation should be clean, located at the right place and its orientation should be correct.

Petropedia explains Perforation

Perforations in an oil well at times have direct influence on the productivity of the well as they connect the reservoir with the wellbore. Perforation leads to greater deal of control of the well; however, the hole created can lead to "skin damage", whereby the productivity of the well can be affected by the debris from the Perforation. The Perforation is punched in the final stage of the completion process by the use of perforating guns.

The following are the different types of guns which are used to create Perforations:

  • Expendable gun
  • Retrievable gun
  • Casing gun
  • High shot density gun
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