Orifice Valve

Definition - What does Orifice Valve mean?

An orifice valve is a flow control valve that is used to restrict or control the fluid flow. An orifice is a small opening or hole in a plate or pipe or body. When the fluid passes through the orifice, the fluid flow gets restricted. An orifice valve usually finds its application in areas where custody transfer has to take place from one party to other party.

Petropedia explains Orifice Valve

Orifice valves are usually put in a flowline to restrict the fluid flow. When fluid passes through the orifice valves, the pressure gets reduced on the down side and the flow gets reduced. Orifice valves are mostly used in refrigeration and air conditioning for evaporation of the refrigerant to affect cooling.

Orifice valves can be of two types, i.e., fixed orifice and variable orifice type. In variable type orifice valve, the opening or orifice size gets changed as per the fluid flow controlling requirements whereas in the fixed orifice type valve the opening remains fixed and thus, the flow of fluid is controlled as per the design configuration of the orifice.

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