Open Hole

Definition - What does Open Hole mean?

An Open Hole is that portion of a well which is not cased. In horizontal and extended reach wells where the cementing of casing can’t be done effectively, the wells are left in an open hole state. Mostly all the wells that are drilled have sections that are open and the engineer or the well planner has to take a lot of considerations that take into account the open hole when carrying out any drilling activities.

Petropedia explains Open Hole

Open hole logging is done in open wells and it basically refers to the operations done to open wellbores. These are done before cementing or casing the wellbores. Slotted casing/liner, Gravel pack, Frac Pack, Screen (these are different screens) are also considered as open holes as they have no cementing. For open hole completion the right reservoir conditions are required. With it, they can provide highly productive completions. The requirements for an ideal drill that applies to any open hole completion are that:

  • Suspension properties should be good
  • Fluid and friction loss should be low
  • Cost should be low and readily available
  • Mixing and handling should be easy.
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