Definition - What does Oilfield mean?

Oilfield is an area of land from where crude oil and natural gas is produced. It can extend to multiple miles as hydrocarbon reservoirs generally spread over a large area below the earth's surface. Multiple oil or gas wells can be drilled in a single Oilfield. Succinctly an Oilfield can be defined as a surface area which is on top of the subsurface accumulated hydrocarbon.

Petropedia explains Oilfield

Since an Oilfield spreads over a large area of land, it holds multiple oil wells drilled or being drilled or new permitted wells that an E&P organization is about to drill. As so many wells are operational in the Oilfield, it contains an extensive associated infrastructure such as drilling rigs, gathering systems, pipelines, tank batteries, and many more.

In the entire globe there are more than 40,000 Oilfields, both onshore and offshore, the largest ones being the Ghawar Field in Saudi Arabia and the Burgan Field in Kuwait.

Oilfield also represents the entire Petroleum Industry; however, in order to categorize the Oilfield work more accurately, the petroleum industry is categorized broadly into three categories, i.e., Upstream Midstream and Downstream.

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