Oil Well

Definition - What does Oil Well mean?

An oil well is a drilled hole in the Earth through which hydrocarbons are brought to the surface of the earth. These hydrocarbons consist of crude oil, natural gas, water and natural gas condensates. An oil well produces crude oil along with natural gas; however, if a well only produces natural gas, it is known as a gas well.

Petropedia explains Oil Well

An oil well development is a part of the upstream sector of the oil and gas industry and the organizations that develop oil or gas wells are called Exploration and Production (E&P) organizations. The development of an oil well consists of various sequences of operations such as

  • Exploration (which includes 2D and 3D seismic analysis)
  • Processing and Interpretation of information
  • Well construction
  • Drilling of an oil well
  • Testing of the oil well
  • Completion of the oil well

Once all these sequences of the oil well are complete, production can begin from it which is known as development of the oil well.

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