No-Go Landing Nipple

Definition - What does No-Go Landing Nipple mean?

No-Go Landing Nipple is the deepest nipple location that provides a no-go barrier to protect the tool string from being dropped below the tubing string. The location is included generally at predetermined intervals to authorize the installation of flow control devices. It is categorized into three major divisions:

  • D-series No Go Landing Nipple
  • Top No Go Landing Nipple
  • Bottom No Go Landing Nipple

It allows locking, landing and sealing of locks with attached flow control devices. These nipples are suitable for various applications that work under different environment and pressures.

Petropedia explains No-Go Landing Nipple

The No-Go Landing Nipple has field proven designs thus can used for both single and dual completions. However, proper attention should be taken so as to ensure that there should be no ID conflicts. It prevents the passage of lock assembly. Some of the applications of the No Go Landing Nipple include:

  • It is used in land blanking plugs to test the production tubing.
  • It is used to verify the land velocity.
  • It prevents the loss of slickline tools.

Moreover, it is designed in such a way that the materials do not harm the environment and has no-go style.

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