Methylglucoside Drilling Fluid

Definition - What does Methylglucoside Drilling Fluid mean?

Methylglucoside Drilling Fluid is a water-based drilling fluid used to drill water-sensitive shale.It has a high concentration of methylglucoside and it contains methyl groups thus it ties up water molecules in concentrated solutions. The fluid is important as it provides high penetration rates, wellbore inhibition and lubricity. It helps in achieving wellbore stabilization and improving performance capabilities of central ingredients. The complex nature of methylglucoside (MEG) in the fluid makes it more effective in sealing pores and preventing damage that can be caused by the substance.

Petropedia explains Methylglucoside Drilling Fluid

During the drilling process, the mechanical strength of a rock becomes enfeeble and that results into wellbore instability. Oil-based mud has decreased the borehole instability especially during the injection of the drilling fluid. However, due to strict environmental regulations the use of oil-based mud reduced to a great extent. As a result, Methylglucoside (MEG) was introduced. It has a good inhibitory effect during shale production and has great lubrication property. Methylglucoside Drilling Fluid has two properties that distinguish the fluid from other drilling fluids, i.e., strong anti-pollution ability and easily adjustable nature.

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