Marine Drilling Riser

Definition - What does Marine Drilling Riser mean?

Marine Drilling Riser is a channel used by drilling vessels to offer temporary extension for flowing fluids to the subsea blowout preventer. It is a reliable and cost-effective system that provides an appropriate balance of economy and technology. It provides stronger connections and greater tensile capacity and can withstand high pressures and provide excellent fatigue resistance. The major components of the Marine Drilling Riser are:

  • Riser spider
  • Flex joints
  • Tension ring
  • Riser fill-up valves

Petropedia explains Marine Drilling Riser

The drilling risers are distinguished in two types, i.e., Marine Drilling Risers and tieback drilling risers. The Marine Drilling Riser has a huge diameter and low pressure main tube with auxiliary lines in outward direction. To maintain stability and meet stringent durability, it uses a connector known as Marine Drilling Riser connector. Understanding the demands of the current environmental conditions, these drilling risers are designed to solve various problems like high pressure, geological uncertainties and unexpected sea and wave movements. Also, riser fins and support shims are used to protect the Marine Drilling Risers.

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