Magnetotelluric Method

Definition - What does Magnetotelluric Method mean?

Magnetotelluric Method is a method used to perform research on the elements deep inside the earth's surface. The word "Magnetotelluric" can be divided into two parts, magnet and telluric. The first one signifies the magnetic current and the other is for the earth’s currents. With the help of the measurements of Geo-electrical field and natural Geo magnetic field variation on the surface of earth, the electrical conductivity of the earth’s subsurface is measured. The depth varies from 300 to 10,000 meters.

Petropedia explains Magnetotelluric Method

The Magnetotelluric Method has become an important tool in deep earth research. The development of this method took place in The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics and France. With the help of this method the subsurface’s resistivity estimates can be calculated. The applications of the Magnetotelluric method are:

  • Hydrocarbon exploration
  • Mining Exploration
  • Geothermal exploration
  • Ground water exploration and mapping

The method is also used in cluster research and earthquake precursor prediction research. There are two variations of this method, i.e., Audio-magnetotellurics and Controlled source electromagnetics.

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