Magnetic Flux Leakage

Definition - What does Magnetic Flux Leakage mean?

Magnetic Flux Leakage is a magnetic process of non-destructive testing which is used to detect corrosion in steel components such as pipelines and storage tanks. Using this technique, any damage relating to topside or bottom side corrosion can be easily detected. The main role of the process is to magnetize the steel with the help of a powerful magnetic field. The high levels of magnetization help to reduce the effects of remanent magnetization and velocity.

Petropedia explains Magnetic Flux Leakage

The Magnetic Flux Technology and Magnetic particle inspection are alike. They work by applying magnetic yoke to record leakage through sensors. The process is enabled by a screening tool that examines corrosion during 653 API inspections. It is checked by a specific tool which has two bodies: one has sensors and magnets whereas the other contains batteries and electronics. Using this technique, sensitivity and equipment functionality can also be improved. There are a number of sensors and ink used in the technology such as Hall Effect sensors, magnetostrictive and coils. The major advantage of using the technology is that the sensors provide signals at the leakage site beforehand.

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