Definition - What does Lyophilic mean?

Lyophilic is a term that represents substances that dissolve completely in liquids. The word lyophilic is a combination of two words, i.e., “Lyo” which means solvent and “Philic” which means loving. When a lyophilic substance dissolves in a liquid it forms a very high attractive force between the liquid molecules and colloidal particles and system readily becomes a stable solution.

Petropedia explains Lyophilic

A lyophilic solution contains colloidal particles which mix completely with hydrocarbon liquids and thus, lyophilic solutions are easy to prepare. All lyophilic solutions are generally very stable as they have a strong force of attraction between the colloidal particles and the liquid particles. Even if a small quantity of electrolyte is added in such solutions, they remain stable and do not form any kind of precipitate or coagulation. Lyophilic solutions are reversible in nature. Examples of lyophilic solutions are organic substances such as gelatin, gum, starch and proteins.

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