Definition - What does Anticline mean?

Anticline is a fold system in the rock formation which is in form of an inverted arc or a trough. It is an important structure which forms a structural trap of oil and gas accumulation. Such inverted arc-shaped folds in the rocks form multiple excellent hydrocarbon traps in the core of the rocks. They also naturally create an impermeable seal in the outer layers of the folds.

Petropedia explains Anticline

Anticline geological structure is the opposite of the Syncline geological structure of a rock formation in which rock folds are generally in downward convex layers with majority of young rocks in the core. However, in Anticline folds, the oldest rocks form the core of the fold. Here the rocks are folded in the upward convex shape. When a geologist observes a geological map, Anticlines are recognized where older rocks are folded toward the center. Anticline folds are highly desirable for petroleum traps and geologists try to find thick Anticline folds to access large volumes of hydrocarbons which can prove to be an economical discovery for an E&P organization.

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