Definition - What does Jackup mean?

A Jackup is a self-elevating unit that comprises of a buoyant hull with a number of movable legs. Due to the presence of the buoyant hull, the Jackup enables transportation of the unit with all the attached components to the targeted location. The legs are are attached to a bottom mat for easy traveling and designed in such a way that the unit can cross a large seabed. The Jackup relies on heavy lift ships or tugs for transportation.

Petropedia explains Jackup

Jackups are the most famous types of offshore drilling units which are used for various development purposes and offshore exploration. The main advantage of using Jackups is that they provide motion-free platforms for drilling and mobilize them easily and quickly. There are two basic types of Jackups, i.e., the independent leg type jackup and the mat type jackup. The independent leg type has three legs whereas the mat type has extremely large legs that rest on the bottom. However, both types have a hull and can float onto the location.

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