Annular Production

Definition - What does Annular Production mean?

Annular production can be defined as the total amount of production of the formation fluid from the casing tubing annulus. Annulus is a space between the casing and tube through which the fluid flows. The total fluid that flows through this space is referred to as annular production. The fluid that flows through the annulus, between the casing and the wellbore is also counted in the annular production. In this case, the equipment can be tubing, drillpipe or a simple casing.

Petropedia explains Annular Production

When an oil well is drilled and explored to test its production, equipment is pushed inside the wellbore. Be it a drillpipe, tubing or a casing, this tubular machinery gets to the bottom of the well and it is used to extract and pump fluid from the bottom. When this fluid flows through the annulus, which is an empty space between the wellbore and equipment (for example, casing), the fluid production is referred to as annular production. In conclusion, the fluid that flows through the space of these tubular machines is referred as annular production.

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