Internal Pulling Tool

Definition - What does Internal Pulling Tool mean?

Internal Pulling Tool is a puller designed for dismounting bearings from the housings which fit on the outer ring. It produces an optimum force with the use of uniquely designed sliding hammer and spring operated extractor without any additional tool. It is a slide bearing and hammer puller set designed for needle bearings, pilot bearings and other applications which require internal pull. It is a perfect tool used for pulling out sleeves, bushes, ball bearing races and ball bearings.

Petropedia explains Internal Pulling Tool

Internal Pulling Tools are used for easy removal of the bearing from housings so as to decrease the amount of time required to dismount the bearing. They are designed specifically to suit the bearing bore diameters which make selection of the extractors easy. An engineering steel coated with high strength chrome is used in the construction of the puller that provides excellent durability and strength. The spring operated operators help in the easy expansion of the extractor to fit in the inner ring. The optimized claw design offers a secure grip behind the inner ring to generate a higher puller force with less effort. They have a T-shaped handle to a secure grip and chome-plated shafts for smooth applications.

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