Intermittent Gas Lift

Definition - What does Intermittent Gas Lift mean?

Intermittent Gas Lift is an artificial-lift method used in wells with low reservoir pressure. The gas lift system is operated on intermittent basis so as to allow the buildup of fluids in the borehole. It is a low cost gas lift system which is preferred for artificially lifting gas in the offshore production environments. Innovations in the high reliability and high-performance gas lifting systems have enhanced the safety and production in the subsea installations and high pressure deep water.

Petropedia explains Intermittent Gas Lift

Intermittent Gas Lift is an application used in low productivity wells which benefit from slug or batch production. Periodically, high volumes of gas are infused into the annulus of the wells and this provides energy to the flow of fluids. The gas then moves down the annulus and gets regulated via a large pilot or ported gas lift valve under the collected column of fluid that is displaced quickly to the surface. The main aim of the lift is to produce gas at the actual rate at which the fluids enter the borehole from the reservoir. This is application is suitable for wells which produce low volumes because of low bottom hole pressure.

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