Core Hole Drilling

Definition - What does Core Hole Drilling mean?

Core Hole Drilling is a drilling technique whereby an oil or gas well is drilled either in a vertical hole or horizontal hole. The method used to drill a vertical hole is known as vertical drilling whereas for a horizontally drilled hole is known as horizontal drilling. In Core Hole Drilling, a 12 cm to one meter diameter hole is created in the earth with the help of a drilling rig.

Petropedia explains Core Hole Drilling

There are two types of drilling techniques performed under Core Hole Drilling, i.e., vertical drilling and horizontal drilling.

In vertical drilling, a vertical wellbore is created. This type of drilling is a simple drilling technique relative to directional or horizontal drilling and it is less cost intensive. Thus, the risk is low. Vertical drilling technique is the most widely used technique as the maintenance of the subsequent oil extraction operation is relatively easy.

In horizontal drilling technique, a well is drilled in such a way that the deviation of the borehole is 90 degrees from the vertical and it looks horizontal or parallel to the formation from an elevation view. Horizontal drilling technique is usually more advantages as compared to vertical drilling technique, e.g., an organization using horizontal technique can reach more energy with fewer wells.

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