Definition - What does Hydrate mean?

Hydrate is a compound which contains water molecules or its constituent components. Different classes of hydrates possess different chemical state of water, some of which are labeled in a way that their chemical properties are easily understood. In organic chemistry, a hydrate is defined as a compound formed by adding water or its constituent elements to another molecule. They contain inorganic salts which carry water molecules blended in a specific ratio of the crystal.

Petropedia explains Hydrate

Substances which absorb water from the air spontaneously to form hydrates are known as deliquescent or hygroscopic. The hydrates which lose water of crystallization or hydration to form unhydrated substances are known as efflorescent. The loss and uptake of water in many cases is a reversible process that is sometimes accompanied by color changes. Several gases such as noble and hydrocarbon gases like ethane, methane, acetylene, propane, carbon dioxide and chlorine form crystalline hydrates at relatively low pressures and temperatures. Hydrates are either bound to the center of a metal or crystallized with the metal complex.

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