Hot Oiler

Definition - What does Hot Oiler mean?

Hot Oiler is a unit used to remove wax deposits from the upper wellbore section of a well. It is usually a skid-mounted or truck-shaped unit that heats oil and treatment fluid. The unit plays a vital role in oilfield operations and is generally used during the winter season. With increasing necessities, it is available in different sizes thus can carry oil from 75 bbl to 100 bbl. It is designed in such a way that it can clear all the blockages by circulating the hot oil into pipelines, tanks or tubing.

Petropedia explains Hot Oiler

Hot Oilers are specialized units that are used to circulate the heating fluids carried through the production tubing. Pumps are the most important part of the units as they help in pressurizing the fluids to the tanks or tubing. The oilers also remove and dissolve paraffin deposits and are positioned to adapt fluctuating temperatures and materials. Apart from melting the wax, Hot Oilers are used for a variety of purposes such as:

  • Suppling hot water during oil spill cleanup
  • Heating motor oil present in huge engines
  • Heating fractured fluids defrosting water pipes
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