High Explosive

Definition - What does High Explosive mean?

High Explosive refers to explosive material which detonates at supersonic speed. These materials explode with explosive velocity that ranges from 3 to 9 kilometers per second. The formation of the chemical products releases an enormous amount of energy in barely billionths of a second. The process preserves a shock wave that travels at a supersonic velocity. This happens almost spontaneously to instantly produce expanding hot gases.

Petropedia explains High Explosive

Scientists are studying High Explosives and are modeling their behavior from the time to time in laboratories, as these materials are important ingredients in nuclear weapons. They are employed normally in the military, mining and demolition applications. These materials can be divided into two explosive classes which can be differentiated based on sensitivity - Primary and Secondary Explosives. The intensive explosives form a large amount of condensed carbon that can change graphite to diamond and diamond back to graphite. They produce gases like carbon dioxide when the pressure, density and temperature are behind explosion front.

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