Free Water Knockout (FWKO)

Definition - What does Free Water Knockout (FWKO) mean?

Free Water Knockout is a three-phase separator which is used to remove free water held in the vessel and separate brine from crude oil. It is essential to use Free Water Knockout as free water results into the formation of hydrates, corrosion and tight emulsions that are difficult to break in later stages. It is referred to as a three-phase separator because it is capable of segregating oil, gas, and free water. The vessel is also known as oil-water separator.

Petropedia explains Free Water Knockout (FWKO)

The Free Water Knockout is designed in such a way that it provides low-velocity flow when combined with a large water/oil interface area. It allows maximum amount of water to settle down. With increasing demand, diverse manufacturers are presenting the vessel in a number of shapes and sizes to meet specific conditions and requirements. These vessels are either horizontal or vertical shaped and separate liquids of different densities. The degree of separation depends on the retention time, the density of differential fluid and the temperature of flowing fluids.

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