Fracturing Fluid

Definition - What does Fracturing Fluid mean?

A fracturing fluid is a special fluid that is injected into a wellbore to induce more fractures beneath the wellbore so as to access the oil and gas easily. This fluid is mainly used in hydraulic fracturing, which is a part of a stimulation operation in the petroleum industry. A fracturing liquid is usually water based, which contains sand and proppants that are added to the mixture to reduce the friction during the pumping.

Petropedia explains Fracturing Fluid

During the hydraulic fracturing process of the oil well stimulation operation, fracturing fluids are pivotal in making sure that the fractures are extended by breaking them down to reach the oil and gas resource. The fracturing fluid is injected into the wellbore with high pressure intensity to induce the fractures. It is through the use of the fracturing fluid in the hydraulic fracturing process that the well workers can make the underground fractures more conducive for the easy flow of oil and gas.

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