Fractured Well Analysis

Definition - What does Fractured Well Analysis mean?

Fractured well analysis is the process of analyzing a fracture for its permeability that was formed naturally or by hydraulic fracture inducing process. In this process, a fracture is considered permeable and as an immediate extension of the actual oil wellbore. By conducting fractures well analysis, the engineers can estimate whether or not a fracture is able to act as a channel for fluid flow. The fluid flow typically takes place between the actual oil and gas reservoir to the fracture and from the fracture to the well.

Petropedia explains Fractured Well Analysis

Fractured well analysis is referred to as well testing, wherein scientists study and analyze the nature and characteristics of fractures beneath the earth’s surface. These fractures can be found naturally inside the earth or can be made by hydraulic fracturing. The prime aim of a fractured well analysis is to check the permeability of a fracture, which is the ability of any rock to transmit fluids. Since the oil and gas flow from the actual reservoir to a fracture, it is very important to verify that the fracture can provide smooth flow of oil and gas further to the oil well.

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