Frac Gun

Definition - What does Frac Gun mean?

A Frac Gun is a special type of perforating gun which is used to make perforations. It is fitted with charges (explosives) as per the design requirements. It runs on a wireline as a casing gun or on tubing as a tubing-conveyed perforating gun. The shot density can also be varied with type of charges as deep penetration or large bore size type.

Petropedia explains Frac Gun

Frac guns are fitted with shaped charges which are loaded at various phase angles such as 0, 60, 120 or 180 degrees in order to provide a casing entrance hole of approximately 1.3 cm or 0.5 inch. Such diameters of holes are sufficient enough to perform hydraulic fracturing operations. Frac Gun perforating systems are designed and manufactured as per API RP (Recommended Practice) 19B Section 1 industry standards. The perforation operations are streamlined by using the quickly connecting adapters known as push-in adapters on the gun inter carriers for conveyance on slickline or wireline.

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