Frac Balls

Definition - What does Frac Balls mean?

Frac Balls are small spherical balls made up of 7000 series grade aluminum alloys mainly 7075 and 7068 grade. These small spherical balls are designed to seal the perforations which accept most of the fluids, thereby diverting the reservoir fluids to the other portions of the target zones. They are also known as “Ball Sealers” in the oil and gas industry.

Petropedia explains Frac Balls

In order to seal the perforations made by perforation guns, Frac balls are inserted into the slickline along with the treatment fluid which is prepared onsite for various purposes such as stimulation and isolation for controlling the reservoir. Once the balls seal the openings of the perforations, high pressure builds up in the reservoir which causes fracking of various identified areas. These spherical aluminum balls vary in size subject to their applications. The material used for making these balls has to withstand very high pressure and temperature in order to have a successful fracking process. The frac balls are available in the sizes ranging from 0.075 inch to 4 inches.

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