Flowing Well

Definition - What does Flowing Well mean?

A Flowing Well is a fully developed well that is ready for production. The well has a high amount of formation pressure in the reservoir that will produce hydrocarbons at a commercial rate without application of an external pumping device such as a pump. A flowing well can either be categorized as oil or a gas well, as it can produce oil or natural gas or both.

Petropedia explains Flowing Well

The primary objective of any E&P organization is to find oil and gas fields that will empower large amount of profits and revenues from the drilled oil well over a long time and prove to be economically viable prospect for organization. This only depends when an organization is able to find the reservoir that has high formation pressure.

Thus, when the oil well will be developed on such locations, because of high formation pressure, the hydrocarbons will come to the surface without investing on an additional equipment such as pumps which will extract the hydrocarbons. When such wells are drilled and ready for production, they are commonly called flowing wells because of high formation pressure.

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