Float Collar

Definition - What does Float Collar mean?

Float Collar is a special short coupling device that has threads installed generally after one, two or three joints of casing from the float shoe. The float collar has a check valve, which allows circulation of flow of fluid in only one direction. It only allows fluids to flow downward through the casing, but not upward through the casing.

Petropedia explains Float Collar

Coupling devices like the float collar are usually installed at the bottom of the casing string on which the cement plugs are joined during cementing operations. The primary role of a float collar is to prevent mud from entering into the casing while running in the hole, thereby making the casing float on the hydrocarbons at the bottom of the casing string. This reduces the weight and also prevents any back flow of cement during cementing operations. This is the place where the cementing bottom and top plugs land.

Types of float collars:

  • Flapper valve type
  • Spring loaded ball valve type
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