Electric Gas Lift Valves

Definition - What does Electric Gas Lift Valves mean?

Electric Gas Lift Valves are valves which allow the port size of the gas lift to be remotely adjusted while ensuring maximum reservoir productivity. They are part of the real-time downhole control and measurement system designed as an essential part of tubing string. The system is used for proving a continuous pressure and temperature coupled with a complete control capability which enables the development of the fully deployed field and the particular gas lift.

Petropedia explains Electric Gas Lift Valves

Electric Gas Lift Valves offer feasibility of changing the gas injection points without affecting the operations of the well. These valves ensure the maximum operational efficiency and productivity of the reservoir. The valves monitor the annulus and tubing pressure and temperature at every location of each gas lift valve. Cage choke and electrically actuated plugs are used as injection valves to provide a discrete injection rate control at the downhole. These valves are loaded inside the pocket mandrels for isolating the annulus from the tubing where pressurization is needed to activate the isolation device, set the hydraulic packer and test the annulus and tubing.

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