Effective Wellbore Radius

Definition - What does Effective Wellbore Radius mean?

Effective Wellbore Radius is a value which produces the same output as the one which is obtained using the skin factor of zero. The departures can be represented from zero skin behaviors with the help of skin effects or by alternatively changing the value of the Effective Wellbore Radius. It is smaller than the actual radius of the wellbore for a positive skin effect and is larger than the actual radius of the wellbore for negative a skin effect.

Petropedia explains Effective Wellbore Radius

Effective Wellbore Radius can be used in the radial flow solutions for representing the skin factors. It thoroughly generalizes skin factors not as the physical pressure drops but instead as mathematical identities. Due to the presence of the skin effect, the Effective Wellbore Radius is distinct than the actual wellbore radius. In the damaged wells, in which the skin effect is positive, there is a constricted flow rate and the radius is less than the actual wellbore radius. The minimum skin effect takes place when the actual wellbore radius is equivalent to the drainage radius of well.

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