Drilling Procedure

Definition - What does Drilling Procedure mean?

A comprehensive procedure that determines the drilling of an oil well is called a drilling procedure. This procedure is a carefully planned process that includes all the operations right from pre-drilling to post-drilling phase. The drilling process of an oil well is a colossal project and requires a set of experts such as geologists, engineers, managers, workers, etc. The drilling procedure contains all the specifications and requirements related to the drilling of a particular well, be it legal, environmental or any other concern. This procedure is extremely crucial and it needs to be carried out by keeping all the necessary protocols in sight.

Petropedia explains Drilling Procedure

A drilling procedure is the complete process of drilling an oil well. The procedure includes all the initial protocols such as leasing land, geo-analysis, designing an oil well, building setup, rig setup, surface drilling, drilling of a well using hydraulic fracturing and conducting well tests. The procedure also includes post-drilling processes which include the secondary placement of a rig, stimulating the well to name a few. In conclusion, an oil well drilling procedure consists of all the primary and secondary processes that are related to setting up an oil well, making it ready for the extraction and maintaining it for continued production.

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