Drilling Foreman

Definition - What does Drilling Foreman mean?

A Drilling Foreman is an individual who supervises drillships, offshore rigs, and drilling activities and ensures that drilling rigs are always packed with necessary tools, equipment and supplies. This individual acts as a mentor for the drill team which looks to his/her leadership qualities. He/she helps in dispute resolution and provides strategies for solving operational and personnel issues. A Drilling foreman works closely with a representative of the exploration and production industry to pursue actual drilling of the well. To fulfill the terms and conditions of the job position, he/she must have certain certifications such as WHIMIS, oil, and field boiler, hydrogen sulfide safety training and training for fall protection.

Petropedia explains Drilling Foreman

The duties of Drilling Foreman or Pusher may vary according to the offshore and onshore positions. They act as managers who take control over personnel, technical, financial and some diverse aspects of drillships and offshore drilling rigs. They provide information about rig marketing and contracting activities to the Exploration and Production organizations. The following are the primary duties of a drilling foreman:

  • To manage the setup of rigs
  • To maintain the safety programs
  • To manage day to day drilling activities
  • To ensure drilling rigs are always packed with necessary tools, equipment and supplies
  • To handle personnel issues of rig employees
  • To coordinate and communicate with the rig crews regularly
  • To monitor the current government laws and the policies
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