Drilling Fluid

Definition - What does Drilling Fluid mean?

Drilling fluid is a lubricating fluid used predominantly in the oil and gas wells drilling activities. This fluid helps in the smooth and easy drilling processes and are continuously fed along with the drill bits while drilling process is under progress. This is a mixture of mud, oil, chemicals and water and is also known as “Drilling Mud”.

Petropedia explains Drilling Fluid

Drilling Fluid is many a times also called as “Drilling Mud”. The drilling fluid is prepared by using the sand and mud obtained from the drilling process as well as the water used in it is not a fresh water, rather it is either brine water, or sea water. The use of fresh water is generally avoided in preparation of drilling fluid as the drilling operators try to recycle the mud and water in the drilling process. Oil which is mixed in preparation of drilling fluid is either mineral oil or diesel oil.

There are three types of drilling mud or drilling fluid commonly used in the drilling process i.e. oil based mud and water based mud.

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