Drilling Crew

Definition - What does Drilling Crew mean?

A drilling crew is a group of personnel who are experienced in operating an oil drilling rig. The team consists of many people who are responsible to carry out every minute operation that is carried out around the clock on an oil well. All these personnel are also referred to as oil field roughnecks, who spend time working on the oil rig. The crew consists of roughnecks, derrickmen, drillers, assistant drillers, rig operators, tool pushers, and roustabout to name a few. Any functional oil well will have at least 3 crews working on it during different shifts – day shift, night shift and in between the shifts as relievers or on day offs.

Petropedia explains Drilling Crew

Drilling rig operation requires a drilling crew that consists of several experienced workers who know how to operate an oil rig. Any typical oil rig is operational 24 hours a day; therefore, there is more than just 1 drilling crew required to carry on the drilling function. The drilling crews ideally work under 3 shifts – the day shift, night shift and an in between shift which is mostly for relieving the workers. Every drilling crew would consist of 4-6 individuals, all of whom are managed by a drilling manager or a drilling superintendent. These workers include leasehand, motorhand, derrickhand, floorhand, driller, assistant driller and a drilling rig manager.

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