Drilling Contractor

Definition - What does Drilling Contractor mean?

Drilling Contractor is an individual who manages a drilling rig. The main area of expertise of the contractor is drilling wells, both onshore and offshore. The contractors work in many oil, construction or mining organizations. The main tasks of Drilling Contractors are to plan projects, hire and supervise workers, maintain safety on the job, and satisfy clients. They must have a professional certification so that they can follow proper safety protocols. The Drilling Contractor charges fixed rate for the hardware and software.

Petropedia explains Drilling Contractor

Planning a drilling project is one of the main objectives of the drilling contractor. Planning includes obtaining appropriate permissions from the source and reviewing or conducting geological surveys. For accurate planning, they create deadlines, organize meetings, and work with other contractors and staff. Another important task is to interact with the clients, in case of any conflicts. A drilling contractor must review the needs of the project on a forward basis as the projects can stretch to several months and often at different geographic locations.

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