Drill Bit

Definition - What does Drill Bit mean?

A Drill Bit is a cutting tool used to cut or crush rocks. Everything present on drilling rigs assists the bit directly or indirectly in cutting or crushing the rocks. Drill bits are attached to a drill in order to create holes and power them for cutting through the workpiece, typically by rotation. They come in different sizes and shapes and can create multiple kinds of holes in various different materials. By selecting the proper drill bit, the hole-making productivity on concrete, metal and wool appliances can be increased.

Petropedia explains Drill Bit

For drilling a satisfactory hole, a correct type of drill bit has to be used and it should be used correctly and sharpened as required. They can be distinguished based on different characteristics of their geometry:

  • Spirals in the drill bits control the rate of chip removal. High and low spiral drill spirals are used in cutting applications under low and high cutting speeds respectively.
  • Point angle in the drill bits is determined by the type of material it will be operating in. Sharper angle is required for softer materials and larger point angle for harder materials.
  • Lip angle in the drill bits determines the amount of support offered to the cutting edge. Drill bit greater lip angle causes the bit to cut more harshly under an equal amount of point pressure a bit having smaller lip angle.
  • The length of bits determines how much long hole can be drilled. It also determines the accuracy of resultant hole and stiffness of the bit.
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