Disposal Well

Definition - What does Disposal Well mean?

A Disposal Well is a type of well which is used to dispose of waste fluids safely into the ground without toxicating the freshwater aquifers or underground water. The well is usually a depleted oil or gas well which has been exhausted and before abandoning it, it acts as a Disposal Well.

Petropedia explains Disposal Well

Disposal wells are typically subjected to regulatory requirements as per the Environment norms. They are used for injecting high salt and minerals content water, and other impurities produced with hydrocarbons into the underground zones for safe and eco-friendly disposal of the unwanted materials extracted along with the hydrocarbons. Disposal wells are also known as Class II underground injection wells as they can be used to dispose of any fluid which is used in extraction oil and gas. The oil and gas industry uses disposal wells to dispose the following:

  • High salt content wastewater
  • Heavy metals
  • Chemicals
  • Radioactive materials
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