Directional Well

Definition - What does Directional Well mean?

A Directional Well is a type of oil or gas well which is prepared by drilling a directional wellbore profile. In the directional drilling technique, the drilling is performed at a predetermined well trajectory, angle and direction so as to intersect at the surface target. Although wellbores are more commonly drilled vertically, sometimes it is more advantageous to drill at an angle from the vertical.

Petropedia explains Directional Well

The following are some of the advantages of a directional drilled wellbore over common vertically drilled wellbore:

  • A wellbore can be scattered in multiple directions from one place to hit the various pay zones within the ground, i.e., touching various reservoirs located at a distance apart from each other.
  • In case if a vertical well is being used, an E&P organization has to drill multiple vertical wells for each reservoir located at a distance apart, thus would incur large investment.
  • Directional well provides access to drilling subsurface targets from inaccessible surface locations.
  • Any steeply inclined fault plane can be easily circumvented when a directional well is prepared.
  • Directional well helps in controlling vertical wells in crooked holes.
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