Directional Driller (DD)

Definition - What does Directional Driller (DD) mean?

Directional Driller or a slant wellbore driller is an individual who drills a wellbore at a predetermined well trajectory, angle and horizontal direction so as to intersect a subsurface target. The individual is responsible for drilling the off-vertical portion of the wellbore as per the drilling program. He/she drills the well at a certain deviation in a horizontal direction from the vertical direction.

Petropedia explains Directional Driller (DD)

In Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD), the Directional Driller drills an oil or a gas well in such a way that the deviation of the borehole is 90 degrees from the vertical and it looks horizontal or parallel to the formation from an elevation view. The individual is also responsible steering portion of the bottom hole assembly and ensuring that the drilling is in accordance to the contractors' safety and operational policies. A Directional Driller delivers directional drilling solutions that help oil and gas operators make the most of their reservoirs.

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